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Listen to BKE Year End Tips!

BKE has started a monthly podcast.  We will be doing monthly recordings on topics of interest for small business owners. Click the link below to listen. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN –>BKE Tax Time Tips More

9 Tips for Improving your Bookkeeping in 2013

By: David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer Business owners wanting to start off 2013 on the right financial foot may want to start their preparation before this year even ends. At least that is what Greg Jones, CEO of BookKeeping Express , a franchise focused on bookkeeping services, says.   To help, Mr.  Jones offers the following financial […] More

Tips for Collecting on Invoices

Fox Business recently spoke with BKE’s Scott Rumley for tips on collecting on invoices: One of the worst things about running a business is getting delinquent customers to pay. For small business owners it’s made worse because unpaid bills can quickly spell a company’s demise. “During the first five years of the life of any […] More

Deter the Inside Job: 5 Ways to Avert Employee Theft and Fraud

BookKeeping Express CEO Keith Mueller contributed the following article to Entrepreneur.com on the topic of deterring employee theft in small businesses. Whether it’s divulging a company’s intellectual property to another party, forging fraudulent checks  or stealing merchandise right off the shelves, employee theft and fraud are among the most serious threats to the success of businesses today. The 2014 […] More

Outsource to Increase Your Productivity

You get to the office and somehow you already have 15 new emails. One is from your biggest client. They have a pressing question so you go search the file cabinet for an answer. While you’re looking, you find a pile of important-looking mail behind files you haven’t touched since before Thanksgiving. The phone starts […] More

The 3 Key Bookkeeping Habits of Successful Realtors

You’re a Realtor, Not a Bookkeeper So why is it so hard to remember that sometimes? Maybe it’s because managing your expenses is such a time consuming but critical part of owning your own business.  Like most realtors you’re always on the go. So you avoid it as much as possible. If you’re in the […] More

Failing to Pay Federal Payroll Taxes

In these difficult economic times it may be tempting for a business to use with funds it has withheld from the wages paid to its employees as federal income and employment taxes to fund its operations rather than depositing those amounts with the Internal Revenue Service. But the cost of doing so may be far […] More

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Tax Tips for Freelancers

Freelancing offers flexibility and scheduling freedom that an employee may not have, but not having a regular paycheck can be difficult. Tax time can also be a challenge. Here are some tips to think about as tax time approaches. Save Money Throughout the Year Since there is no income tax deducted from your paychecks, you […] More

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